Travel – New Zealand


I had the opportunity recently to visit the South Island of New Zealand; Wow, what an awesome place. My first thoughts were of what a beautiful country it was, my second, why it took me so long to get there! New Zealand is overloaded in natural beauty, a photographers paradise. Theses are a few of […]

Taste of Europe – final post


As with all good things, Europe had to come to an end and so does my Taste of Europe Blog entries. I am left with some great memories and photographs from our trip to remind me I was actually there and some strong desires to go back again! I thought you might enjoy seeing a […]

Dogs Doors and Doodles


Dogs – European’s love their dogs, and they were everywhere, being treated with the utmost respect. Doors – I just can’t seem to resist photographing a good door and Europe has an abundant supply of them with plenty of character. And Doodles- well, I love street art and when done well, is an artwork in […]

Taste of Europe – London


I love the city of London. Is it because my ancestors arrived from there on a convict ship or the fact that I love British TV shows? None the less, it is a great place to visit.

Taste of Europe – Rome


The ancient city of Rome was a wonderful place to explore, 5 days were certainly not long enough.

Taste of Europe – Verona


Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet. Like Venice, the years melt away and you can easily imagine yourself there centuries before. The history was amazing, the city beautiful and full of life.

Taste of Europe – Venice


Venice was a wonderfully exciting and unexpectedly thrilling place. I loved discovering the city by prowling through it’s many streets and laneways, crossing endless little bridges to find my self completely lost but not caring. How to choose only 4 pics??? I wanted to photograph everything!!!

Taste of Europe – Greece


The best thing about Greece is it’s people and food. Well, now that I think about it, it is also their great climate, beautiful beaches and relaxed easy going lifestyle as well. Definately at the the top of the list of places to visit again.

Taste of Europe – Paris


What a great vibrant city Paris is, but what to photograph? As with all tourist destinations that have been heavily visited, you have to work hard to find some unique images. I enjoyed the challenge.

Taste of Europe – Scotland


Come along on a visual taste of Europe trip with me. I will be posting a few selected photographs from a number of destinations that I have recently visited. Traveling through Europe is a thrilling, at times stressful, but always an interesting and exciting experience. It is a visual feast!

Hervey Bay QLD


Here is a few travel shots from beautiful Hervey Bay in North Queensland.