Keith the Octogenarian


This was a very special day, I got to meet and photograph a beautiful character today, Keith. What a delightful man he is! 85 years young and as sharp as a tack. He is a retired Radio Officer from the Merchant Navy and has many stories to tell of his world travels. It was such […]

Brie the Swimmer


Today I had the great privilege of photographing two beautiful young ladies, both with amazing talents – one an accomplished swimmer, the other a ballerina. Both girls put their hands up for the 100 Portraits project but not being one to pass up an opportunity, we did a few more frames than just the one […]

Summer the Ballerina


Today I had the great privilege of photographing two beautiful young ladies, both with amazing talents – one an accomplished swimmer, the other a ballerina. Both girls put their hands up for the 100 Portraits project but not being one to pass up an opportunity, we did a few more frames than just the one […]

100 Portraits Project


Never to be one without a challenge or project, this year, 2014, I will be embarking on a project called ’100 Portraits’. It makes sense I am really passionate about portrait photography and I adore the diversity of humanity and love to find the beauty in each individual face so this is the perfect project […]



A few new pics for my ‘Framed’ collection. These were all taken at Abbey Rae’s first birthday party. As always, the frame provides a great distraction and yields some great candid pics.

Character Study

head shot

Look at this wonderful character that came to the studio today for a portrait. I love this kind of work!

The Chair’s Youngest Sitter

newborn eli-1771

My dear old chair has sadly lain dormant for some time now so I was very excited to bring it back into service with my youngest sitter yet – 6 day old Eli. He and his Mum came to the studio for some newborn shots and I snuck a quick couple of pics in on […]

The Chair Project – Holder Family


There are no tricks or fancy Photoshop work here, just a camera on a tripod, an old chair and some willing subjects. I love the flow and variety of faces that took time out to sit on ‘The Chair’ for this session, in fact, they are all very special to me because this lot is […]

Olivia – Abandoned Dreams shoot


I love this shoot with the beautiful Olivia, loosely themed around the concept of Abandoned Dreams. We had lot of fun climbing the fence and sneaking in to shoot in this abandoned mansion where we were ceremoniously outed a short while later, thankfully, after we had got the shots! I somehow missed putting it up […]

Mother and Daughter Fun


I had a cancelled shoot over the weekend so Leisha and I had some fun together using the studio to outwork a few ideas we had been talking about for some time. It was a real joint effort. I even got to give my beautiful green chair another run. I have no qualms in saying […]

Meghan’s Baby Bump


Meghan has modelled for me before but never looking like this – beautifully pregnant at 39 weeks. We had fun and I am looking forward to photographing the new arrival…

The Chair Project – Ann


My poor old chair has been sitting idle of late, waiting for someone to grace it and along came my lovely long time friend Ann. I love these pics of her (and husband Steve who reluctantly joined her!).

Shine Woman


Shine is a personal development program with an inspirational, practical and experiential approach to learning. I had the fabulous opportunity to photograph some of the lovely woman attending ‘Shine’. This collection of faces is a celebration of diversity and beauty and I just love all these unique and wonderful faces.

The Chair Project continues…


As a lover of people and faces I am thrilled to be photographing so many in my wonderful chair. Here is another batch to view.

‘Framed’ new photo shoot


Always one to try something different, I had some fun recently with this old picture frame that happened to came my way. I love these portraits of the Cox family that resulted.

The Chair Project starts to ramp up…


I have to admit that I am really loving The Chair project, it’s simple; I love the chair, it is so divine it is a photo in itself but most importantly I love the mix of wonderful faces that are starting to grace it. Here is new collection of recent ‘sitters’.

The Chair Project’s first subject – Leisha


It is so thrilling to see my vision for The Chair Project finally start to take shape. Not only was Leisha a willing subject, she has been a supportive and enthusiastic advocate as well. Thanks Leisha, you’re the best!

The Chair Project


The hunt is over! I have finally found what I was looking for for The Chair Project!! This wonderful chair came from a home in Earlwood in Sydney’s inner west where it served it’s owners for 50 years before making it’s way to me. I fell in love with it as soon as I laid […]



Kiara came along with her little brother Isaac for his ‘Birthday Bash’ shoot and I couldn’t resist photographing her as well. She is such a beautiful little princess.

ONE80TC Interns


Once again I had the opportunity to photograph the boys from ONE80TC. This time it was the guys who have made it through the program and are well under way with their recovery – so much so that they are sowing back into the program as Interns. All are studying their Cert IV in Alcohol […]

Holder Family


For most families with adult children the effort of gathering everyone together at the one time is challenging if not impossible. So when it finally comes together It’s always a great opportunity to capture the family dynamics. This photo shoot for the Holders, which covers 4 generations from Grandpa to the newest addition, was no […]

Melisa Bester


I recently had the opportunity to photograph rising star and young musician, Melisa Bester. She has the most wonderful singing voice along with a great presence and confidence. She is one very talented young lady who has a great future ahead of her. If you would like to know more about Melisa or listen to […]

Birthday Bash – Sophie


I have just begun to trial a new shoot for babies called ‘Birthday Bash’ to celebrate that important first birthday. I love the idea of them being given the opportunity, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to be able to mash into a cake and get it all over themselves. What a great […]

Queen of Hearts

queen of hearts (7 of 13)

Following on from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed photo shoot comes the ‘Queen of Hearts’ with a bit of a grungy take. It was a fun character to play with, I wonder which one I can do next?