Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash – Abbey


I had the privilege of taking part in dear little Abbey’s first birthday party. Her mum did an awesome job preparing a party for her princess. She had the most amazing royal cake I have ever seen! (And the macaroons weren’t half bad either) Happy first birthday Abbey Rae xoxo

Birthday Bash – Isaac


What a fun shoot, Isaac did not hesitate to get into his birthday bash session. He happily mushed his hands into his cake and smeared it all over himself and the studio too. What a sweet happy little fellow he is, giving me plenty of smiles and squeals as he enjoyed himself. Happy Birthday little […]

Birthday Bash – Indie

indie slideshow

‘One’ is such a cute age and being allowed to mush up a cake without restraint usually supplies an abundance of photo opportunities, however, in gorgeous little Indie’s case she just wasn’t really interested in it so we ended up having a fun time with the bubbles and balloons instead. She is totally adorable.  

Birthday Bash – Sophie


I have just begun to trial a new shoot for babies called ‘Birthday Bash’ to celebrate that important first birthday. I love the idea of them being given the opportunity, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to be able to mash into a cake and get it all over themselves. What a great […]