Collins Family

In a weekend of rain we were lucky to have an afternoon of sunshine to do our photo shoot at Long Reef on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It was the kind of afternoon you don’t want to be anywhere else. It certainly didn’t feel like work!

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  1. Dennis Mah says:

    Really nice photos, I especially like the one where Ryan, Jean, Paul and Jenna are sitting on the rock.


  2. Jimmy Mah says:

    Very nice picture, you don’t really know how fast kids grow up till you see them years later

  3. Jean Collins says:

    What a wonderful photo session we had with Lizanne! I had expressed to her the type and style of photos that I had in mind and particularly did not want any family photos that were staged and unnatural. She listened and understood my feelings and she chose the perfect venue as we wanted a water/beach feel for our family photos. I was very impressed that she was able to capture the personality of each one of the members of the family. My husband is not comfortable in photos which I was originally concerned, but his playfulness in the photos was captured and the essence of his personality expressed. It made the family photos relaxed, natural and interesting. At the end of the day, my preference is a picture which tells a story and one that makes you wonder what is being “said” in the photo. Lizanne captured this story in the first family photo above. I particularly love this photo!!! She captured a moment in time as my family was sharing a special connection together. I look back at this photo and I love the closeness of my family. There is a happy element to all the photos. We all had a fun time and it did not even feel like a photo shoot. …And we were able to enjoy the beach! Loved it! Thanks Lizanne!!

  4. Robin Ramsey says:

    Wonderful pictures of a wonderful family. Glad I googled!! Congratulations Lizanne on a fantastic job. My favorite was the one of the family sitting on the same rock. I also loved the one of Ryan and Jenna.

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